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Greetings From Beautiful Las Cruces, New Mexico.


As usual I channel a message from my Guides for our newsletter and it seems to be that the topic of Money has been a hot topic of late. I have asked my guides to comment on that and here is what they have to say:

"Money is energy and the end result of many things. We hear you come and speak to Lorna and many of you bring up this topic of money and the lack of it. First we have to ask when is enough, enough? Do you really have a lack of this energy called money or is it your perception of what ENOUGH is? Are you blessing the money you do have and the roof over your heads as well or is your cup half empty? These questions we ask you are not for fun, they are to propel you into a journey of the mind. That is thinking and really meditating on these topics. Are you moving so fast that you do not have time for thinking things through? If so, you must slow down and give this life that you are living, that you are guiding and look at it from all angles.

"A new perspective can change everything or nothing at all. We are all made up of energy and so it goes to reason that money too, is energy. It allows you to purchase the things you need to live like food and the things you simply want or desire. There is no good or bad when it comes to money; it, like many things, just is. If you care to attach feelings of good or bad to this energy called money THAT is when things begin to change, usually not for the better. If you cry, "why do I not have enough money?" Then you are setting yourself up for more of the same as far as the Universe goes. What you put "out there" you will receive in return. Words are power and thoughts are things. Are you reminding yourself of this?




"If you speak unkind words over your business and then expect it to produce for you this is much like telling a child about to play a game of soccer or baseball that he or she is a loser and can never expect to win. Understand? So watch your words…change your words and you change your life. Change what you say and think about your life and this energy called money and see your life change.

"There is a saying that says 'I'll believe it when I see it' - rather skeptical if you ask us. So we prefer 'WHEN I BELIEVE IT I WILL SEE IT.' You can also call this a self fulfilling prophecy. This is the backside or the other side of faith, is it not? For faith is believing in what has not yet arrived.

"How are you treating your money? Sound silly? Think about it. If you carry a purse do you throw the money inside without care never knowing how much is really in there? Is it all crumpled up or is it placed with care into a section of your wallet for bills? If you are a man with a wallet do you place the bills in the wallet or do you fold up the bills and stuff them in your pants pockets. You may say what does this have to do with anything?! It has everything to do with everything. What you care for, what matters, you handle with care including your money no matter how little or how much you have.

"Do you pick up that penny on the ground in the parking lot or leave it be? A penny may not be much but it is AN ANOLOGY for abundance. A penny is still money and resonates with its own energy. Are you open to receive this abundance of money that is waiting for you? If so welcome this energy called money no matter how big or small the amount. Respect it and treat it as if it matters because too many of you it does. If you want your life to change in this way - change your relationship with the money that is already in your life now.


Lorna Adams
Psychic - Afterlife Communicator :: Past,Present & Future
www.LornaAdams.com :: www.AfterlifeCommunicator.com
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